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The Future of Inkjet Survey

In this survey we ask, what is the future of industrial inkjet?

This survey is conducted by Marcus Timson and Frazer Chesterman of FM Future. The objective is to gain insight and answers on key development questions that will be provided for no cost back to the inkjet, print and manufacturing community. By completing the survey we will provide you with a free advanced copy of the report when completed in the autumn. All responses are confidential.

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FuturePrint is:

Future Print is a content platform dedicated to the development of new print tech. The site contains interviews with the people behind the tech, with thought leaders, experts and featuring ‘deep dive’ reports that align with our mission to help print tech grow into new markets.


FM Future, which is a consultancy business run by Frazer Chesterman and Marcus Timson, Co-Founders and former owners of the InPrint Show.


Future Print